In order to provide high quality services, personal development and meaningful services to the consumers and stakeholders, Open Hearts Art Center has established this code of ethics for the company and its Board of Directors, employees, contractors, volunteers, and all applicable stakeholders.

Responsibility to Consumers Through High-Quality Service Delivery

  • In accepting a consumer for services at OHAC, the agency pledges to protect and promote the interests and informed choices of all people served by making it possible for them to develop their ultimate potential.
  • With full knowledge that OHAC exists for the purpose of providing services to agency consumers, all agency staff should strive to provide the highest level of quality services for them.
  • A consumer should not exit the services before s/he is ready. However, when that time comes, every effort should be made to place that person in another appropriate service.
  • OHAC staff should strive to set a proper example for consumers in the areas of personal development, proper social skills and good work habits.

Responsibility to the Public

  • OHAC staff should strive to maintain a good rapport with all stakeholders and cooperating agencies in the community
  • Interested individuals are encouraged to visit the office to acquaint themselves with the services provided.
  • OHAC agency staff should promote the aims and purposes of the company through the active participation of civic, government and advocacy efforts

Responsibility of Staff

  • OHAC staff should have a wide variety of background experiences and training. The individuals should be willing to impart these experiences and training to their professional counterparts and the consumers receiving services.
  • Staff must be alert to unethical competition and practices, which can never be allowed to exist, since such practices would have devastating effect on the company’s mission.

Responsibility of the Directors and Board of Directors

  • The Directors and Board of Directors will conduct their selves in an ethical manner at all times.
  • The Directors and Board of Directors will annually approve the budget; review corrective action plans, performance analyses, strategic plans and risk management plans; review the insurance coverage; and, assure the agency is utilizing current technology in order to maintain and ensure effectiveness and efficiency.

Responsibility for Business and Financial Practices

  • The company business and financial practices will be conducted in accordance with solid and recognized ethical business practices, all funds will be reviewed by the Director on a regular basis.
  • When funds are received for individuals receiving services, they will be strictly accounted for to ensure the integrity of the programs.

The name “Open Hearts Art Center.” should represent the utmost competence, dedication, quality, and high integrity as it pertains to the services provided to consumers and stakeholders. Nothing should stand between the initiation of the services and conclusion of its objectives.

Service is the Agency’s Role. The agency will provide the best services available to intellectually and/or developmentally disabled consumers in all programs while caring about their dignity and rights.

Quality and Excellence of services to Consumers is the Foundation Principle. The agency strives toward excellence in all tasks.

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