Important Update As Phase 2 Begins in NC

Dear Artists, Families and Caregivers, and Open Hearts Community,

As you are all aware, North Carolina will begin entering the second phase of easing the restrictions related to COVID-19. You might be wondering what that means for Open Hearts. Initially, we had hoped to reopen our center during the second phase of our state’s plan. However, based on information recently delivered by NCDHHS and Vaya Health, our opening will be delayed.

We have been utilizing the flexibilities afforded to us through Vaya Health to help meet individuals’ needs. These flexibilities have allowed us to be able to continue to work with most of our artists via Telehealth.

OHAC remains committed to keeping our staff and artists safe from the spread of the coronavirus. We want to make sure that we are exercising an abundance of caution as we do begin to evaluate our plans to reopen in the coming months. At this point, we do not feel that resuming services in person at even a diminished capacity of 50% is prudent. We have been serving some of our artists in person, but the number of individuals we serve is limited to those who cannot be served via Telehealth. We have been adhering to the CDC guidance of 10 individuals by having no more than 10 people in our entire facility. We continue to use strict protocols to ensure everyone’s health and safety. We plan to continue these protocols for the coming weeks.

If you find that you are in need of additional services, please reach out to us and we will do all we can to accommodate your requests. We remain deeply committed to your safety, health, and wellbeing, and we look forward to connecting with you soon.

Our love,

The Directors of Open Hearts Art Center


photo by Rachael McIntosh Photography